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with website design and content planning that feels like home

Forge a greater, purposeful connection with your audience with website design and content planning packages that tell your real story and help you build confidence in your online presence.
Build trust with your community by showing up consistently with confidence and purpose, and create the life you deserve.

Creative Website Design and
Content that just
makes sense

Trying to make heads and tails of your digital presence?

When it comes to building your online persona, the internet is full of “should do’s” and “don’t do’s”, contradictions and confusion. When you take the noise out of it, what it comes down to is telling your story in a real, honest and accessible way that makes sense to you and your audience.

That’s what I want to help you do!

What can I do for you?

Website Design and Management

Get a beautiful, functional website that reflects who you truly are, and keeps your audience coming back for more. Finally feel confident in yourself and your brand with a website that looks good, feels amazing and keeps your users engaged.

Plus, feel confident that your website delivers an excellent first, second and third impression to your audience with on-going website management options.

Content Planning and Mentoring

Fight the “I have nothing to say” panic and arm yourself with the tools to develop on-brand content ideas for years to come. Communicating consistently and authentically is essential in creating a genuine connection with your target audience. 

Plus, you’ll be armed with the tools and knowledge you need to continue developing content ideas that connect you with your audience for years to come.

“It’s an amazing thing to find someone like Laura who just gets what your brand needs and delivers every time. We came to Laura with big hopes and unrealistic deadlines when work with another designer fell through. Laura didn’t just meet our tight deadlines – she absolutely nailed each brief. Her experience in marketing and love for branding and design shone through in everything she did. From the design and development of our website, to the design of our business cards and other marketing collateral, Laura delivered projects that brought our brand to life.”

– Lorelei, Social Weaver

Hi there!

I’m Laura and I’m here for you. All too often I see small businesses get bogged down by all the things the internet tells us we should be doing to grow our online presence. Often the advice is contradictory, counterintuitive and leaves us feeling like something is missing.

And I am no exception. I started my business doing everything the “right way” and before long I was completely burned out and thinking really seriously about returning to my full time job. I felt like I was never going to cut through the noise and make a real connection with my audience. I could see them, I could hear them, but they just kept slipping out of reach.

Sound familiar?

I want to help you cut through that noise and build a brand that feels honest and helps you connect with your audience in a real way.  With my background in digital marketing I build websites and create content that helps you grow your way, not just the right way.

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Let’s do this Together

As a small business, I know how important it is to work with people whose values align with your own. I am committed to supporting sustainable growth through high quality resources that are unique to you and your brand. No gimmicks, no shortcuts, no flavour of the month tactics, just good clear communication that makes sense.

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