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Create Something Remarkable

Remarkable Digital Identities for remarkable people

For the creatives. For the change-makers. For the people who care. For the people who want to make an impact. For the adventurers. For those who aren’t afraid to stand up and stand out. For the leaders. For the individuals. For the doers. For those who aren’t afraid to be themselves. For those who don’t want to be like everyone else. For doing something good. For creating something remarkable.

Hi! I’m Laura Gosney (she / her) and I am a Soulful Brand Strategist. I help conscious entrepreneurs and creatives build a remarkable digital presence – one that lets you stand out and lead from the heart.

Why are you here?

You want to make a sustainable income, while also using your business and your platform as a force for good. You want to create amazing things and need a place on the internet to show them off. You want people to think differently about your industry and make real changes to their lives.

You’re tired of acting like a smaller version of yourself and are ready for a heart-centred strategy that feels good for you. You’re not here for a quick fix; you’re after long-term solutions, that connects you with like-minded people.

You want to be independent while lifting others up with you.

And, you’re ready for a better way forward.

Why am I here?

I want you to build a brand you can feel proud of. I want you to feel in alignment with your business. I want you to feel empowered to make strategic decisions from a heart and values-centred place. I want you to make money (!) and not feel weird about it. I want you to stop comparing yourself to everyone else and finding yourself coming up short. I want you to be able to grow your business without giving in to sales strategies that feel gross. I want you to have a digital presence that feels honest and gives you space to grow. I want you to feel free from comparisonitis and shiny object syndrome that leaves you feeling paralysed over what to do next. I want you to feel supported in your unique vision for the world.

For 8+ years I have worked to build the digital profiles of passionate entrepreneurs and not-for-profits by developing comprehensive brand identities that resonate across the marketing mix. I’ve done this through strategic messaging, content writing and website design, that puts the soul and the values of the brand first.

I write a lot about leading with your values and being more relaxed online because I believe there are already enough people falling for Ordinary Branding. I believe that speaking from the heart and knowing how to navigate around traditional marketing do’s and don’ts is the best way to find your audience.

I help passionate business owners, like you, to build the foundations for an engaging digital presence that gets to the heart of the difference you make. I help you to feel connected to your messaging, allowing you to stop mirroring others, and avoid sounding like everyone else. I help you to build a life and a business that feels good and does good things.

Ready to work together? I can’t wait to see what we dream up together!

How have I built my life and career?

Throughout my life and career, I have been drawn to ideas and courses that allowed me to flex my creativity strategically and with honesty. Throughout school and university, I repeatedly explored feminist discourse through literary and pop culture lenses, which has lead to a lifetime belief in the power of women and a desire to fight for a fair and equal existence for all.

This means I’m here to support you; I want to see you succeed on your own terms, building the life and future you deserve while making the difference this world needs.

In my early 20’s, I completed a Bachelor of Creative Industries, exploring media, communications, journalism, design, creative writing, and television production. Later, I completed a Diploma of Business (Marketing), adding traditional business theory and marketing techniques to my knowledge pool.

Yes, I’ve always been a jack-of-all-trades! But this means I can look at your business through a wide lens, capturing the full picture, before diving into the nitty-gritty of what needs to be done. This also means the strategies I apply to your business, are built on a formal understanding of communications, technology, and creativity. 

With this education, I developed a strong understanding of business and communications principles, while understanding how difficult it can be to fit into this mold as a creative. It seemed only logical that digital marketing would be my next career move, and that’s where I would spend the next 8+ years. During this time, I’d discover a love of content writing, brand strategy, and website design.

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Collagenius Australia

Collagenius Australia Portfolio

Your Mortgage Coach

Social Weaver

More recently, I have invested heavily in my continued education, searching for a life and a career that satisfied my desire for action, creativity and strategy. I completed Sara Tasker’s The Insta Retreat to formalise my strategic knowledge for my other love (I have many of those), Instagram. The Insta Retreat taught me to trust in my instincts and believe in my difference so I could produce content that doesn’t feel derivative or unoriginal. I came to understand the importance of honesty and authenticity in a soulful digital presence that gives equal love to everything about you.

This naturally led to one of my core beliefs; you are so much more interesting than the money you make, the knowledge you hold in your head, and the educational value you provide to your clients or customers. This is what I want to help you realise in your own digital presence.

I was also mentored by Slow Marketing Consultant Kayte Ferris in her 1:1 coaching program. Here I was introduced to the anti-hustle marketing style that drives my entire business. I learnt that marketing doesn’t have to look like what everyone else is doing. We get to cast off ‘should-do’s’ and grow soulfully with intention, leading with our heart and values.

Most recently, I learnt from Feminist Marketing Consultant Kelly Diels in her Feminist Copywriting Certification, where I learnt to recognise and reject problematic and manipulative marketing techniques that are pervasive in the online entrepreneurial sector. I learnt how to lead with justice, vision and values as a core part of my digital presence, instead of relying on fear, scarcity and doubt.

In amongst all this, I dived into HTML and CSS courses found online, while learning more about human behaviour, marketing principles and formal copywriting techniques. I learnt from mindset coaches about setting and sticking to boundaries and choosing to do business from an empowered stance.

Over the past decade or more, I have sought to work with, and learn from, people who are passionate about what they do and the impact they have.

What does this all mean for you?

Well, you will have the benefit of my years of experience in marketing, communications, writing and design, perfectly combined to help you build the foundations for a digital presence that feels like you.

Be Creative and Clear

Be Conscious and Open-Minded

Be Friendly and Approachable

Places where you might find me

On a plane to somewhere exciting, with a long list of delicious vegetarian restaurants to try.

At a second-hand store, rummaging for the next sustainable bargain.

Glued to my laptop, practicing my illustrations or learning something new.

In a sunlit pub garden, enjoying a cold glass of wine with a side of well-salted hot chips.

Laura took the time to explain the whole process from A to Z, which meant a lot to me going in with no experience in marketing or web design. She helped me to feel supported and comfortable and allowed me to be my complete self with no judgement. I really felt like she was on my team!

I am so proud of the web content she created and I love my website. Both products have multiple sections that are easy for customers to navigate and find all the relevant information. I am so happy with the brand voice that comes through and the whole digital presence really captures the look and feel I imagined.

I will definitely be coming back to work with Laura again as the business grows, and I need more marketing content!”

– Julia, Collagenius

"From the design and development of our website, to the design of our business cards and other marketing collateral, Laura delivered projects that brought our brand to life.

It's an amazing thing to find someone like Laura, who just gets what your brand needs and delivers every time.

We came to Laura with big hopes and unrealistic deadlines when work with another designer fell through.

Laura didn't just meet our tight deadlines - she absolutely nailed each brief. Her experience in marketing and love for branding and design shone through in everything she did."

- Lorelei, Social Weaver

"I LOVED working with Laura. I couldn't be happier with my new website, and I am getting comments constantly about how great it is.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Laura to anyone who needs a new website. She delivered me exactly what I wanted, and I loved that she was open to suggestions.

I'd love to work with her again one day!"

- Cass, Your Mortgage Coach

Laura did an excellent job redesigning my website.

I thought my site was pretty good to start off with, but the improvement has been unbelievable since she got her hands on it.

I hate to think how many people might have left my old site without enquiring! The new site looks so much more professional and I've definitely seen an increase in enquiries since the relaunch.

Thanks Laura!

– Jordan, The Bar Brisbane

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