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Soulful design for passionate e-comm businesses, conscious creatives and driven service-providers who want to stand out from the crowd.
Laura Gosney
Hi, I'm Laura.
I’m a website & brand designer living and working in Meanjin/Brisbane and I’m here to help you stand out as the remarkable person and business you are.

Let my love of (and undying devotion to) design – coupled with my background in digital marketing – be the key to unlocking your remarkable.
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I believe...

I believe that you can strategically share your products, services and special sauce with the world while still showing up as *you*.

I believe that you don’t need to take cues from your competitors in order to build a successful brand and a sustainable business.

I believe that being true to your original and remarkable self will always be the best long-term growth strategy.

I believe that the internet is for everyone, and marketers and designers need to do more to promote inclusivity across websites and social media.

Most importantly, I believe that business should be a force for good, and leading with your values is the best way to attract your ideal people.

Why me?

For the last 5+ years, I’ve designed brands and websites for innovative e-commerce founders, passionate service providers and inspiring creatives that truly reflect their remarkable.

Through my former life as a corporate marketer, I learned the importance of making strategic design decisions:

  • Elevating your brand beyond what looks good
  • Bypassing trends in favour of real staying power
  • Diving into your unique business goals and ensuring that your brand and website (and the client or customer base they attract) are able to grow with you.

I've also worked with one of Brisbane's leading e-commerce design agencies, developing my product-based brand and website design skills. As a lifelong learner, I’m always seeking out opportunities to absorb new knowledge so I can stay on top of my game (and my clients can reap the benefits).

I particularly enjoy passing on the knowledge I’ve gained in creating accessible spaces online (through Kelly Diels’ Feminist Copywriting Certification) and ethical marketing practices (through working with ethical marketing coach, Rachel Kurzyp).

Rigo the Greyhound
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Places where you might find me

  • On a plane to somewhere exciting, with a long list of delicious vegetarian restaurants to try.
  • Hanging out with my super anxious but super sweet rescue greyhound, Rigo.
  • At a second-hand store, rummaging for the next sustainable bargain.
  • Glued to my laptop, practising my illustrations or learning something new.
  • At the gym, picking heavy things up off the floor and putting them back down again.
  • In front of the PS4, unwinding with a bit of virtual face-punching, or obsessively building my Sims 4 dream house.
  • In a sunlit pub garden, enjoying a cold glass of wine with a side of well-salted hot chips.

The Journal

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Time Management Tools for Entrepreneurs

Time Management Tools and Tips for Entrepreneurs

Time management is something that comes up a lot when I talk to clients about their barriers to getting online. I have to admit, I can relate - sometimes it feels like I have one too many balls in the air and sooner or later one of them is going to come crashing down. But […]
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How to Use Instagram Hashtags to Increase Followers

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Latest work

lilli collins brand design
I acknowledge the First Nations people as the Traditional Owners of the land on which I live and work, i.e. Meanjin, Brisbane. Sovereignty was never ceded.
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Words by Brit Stevens
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