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For this exercise I’ve imagined an ethical and sustainable activewear brand. Being a bit of a gym enthusiast, I have my fair share of activewear and a good idea of what I’d like to see on an online shop!

Motion is an ethical and sustainable activewear brand that prides itself on it’s high quality products. Motion has a transparent supply chain, with a versatile and durable range of activewear and loungewear.

Crisp whites and strong lines lends a strength to the brand aimed at empowering women to be as active and strong as they please. This is backed up by a thick block font for headers and a simple sans serif body font. Brightly lit photography featuring strong movement, a diverse group of women and a variety of different exercises promotes the versatility of the clothing. Custom graphics and scroll effects lend a sense of uniqueness and modernity to the design.

A modern website design for a sustainable activewear company

Motion is a made-up company I invented for the purposes of this activity. Note the black outline is purely so the design would show up properly on my white website!

I very much enjoyed imagining this company, as another one that aligns closely with my likes and values!

Let me know what you think, and get in touch if you’d like to work together!

Laura x

All images sourced from Unsplash: Meghan Holmes, Alora Griffiths, Cortney White, Tyler Nix

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Creating a Powerful Brand Identity for an Activewear Website
Designing a Website for an Online Activewear Business

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