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This week I took a little break from blogging for something a little silly and fun! I was playing around with Sharpen.Design and came across the prompt “Design a Brand Identity for the First Martian Government.” So I came up with a quick little identity and a website mock-up to go with it…

Who Are We?

The first Martian government of Earth, elected on a platform based around equality, future development and global sustainability.

Today’s Earth youth have tired of old conservative men who they consider to be “out of touch”. They’re tired of being blamed for Earth’s problems, while having their viewpoints and opinions ignored. Supreme Leader Julie Riddick from Mars was elected to government in a landslide victory against Chandler White, thanks to young voters who turned up en masse.

What Do We Value?

Power, strength, and the stability of the future of Earth and our presence on it.

Mood Board

For the Riddick government, we want to reaffirm our connection to the Earth. Although Earthlings are very aware we’re Martians, we don’t want to highlight that too much. Our website and branding will largely feature earth tones, such as forest greens, wood browns and sky blues. Fonts will be strong, block and modern, such as Yanone Kaffeesatz and Oswald.

Earth Tones Mood Board


The Riddick Government’s website will carry these earth tones into striking imagery and custom icons. The website will be simple, informative, inclusive and to the point.

Create a website for the first Martian government

There we go! Something a little different, and quite fun actually. This was a good unwind for what has actually been a really busy week. I’ll have more Branding activities coming, so let me know your thoughts and what you’d do different!

Cheers, Laura x

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