Cafe Website Design for a Small Business

December 12, 2018

For this exercise, I've created a modern and trendy website for a cafe I'd love to visit myself. I love food, I love cafe culture and I would love to work with a trendy cafe for branding, website design and social media management one day. As they say, a bit of manifesting goes a long way...

Rural is a trendy local farm-to-table cafe serving delicious meals made from responsibly-sourced local produce at a reasonable price. A coffee lover’s dream, Rural is proud to serve fair trade coffee from single source locations that ensure fair living wages for farmers. Owned by sister duo Leslie and Amy, Rural is ready for a new website to go with it’s trendy vibe that can be easily updated, in order to keep up with it’s ever-changing menu.

Rural’s high ceilings, wood furnishings and industrial warehouse style aesthetic is inviting and modern. For their new website, I drew upon this moody, inviting and cosy atmosphere, nestled amongst clean white for a modern feel. Comfy corners and most importantly, beautiful coffee and food dominate the website, captivating visitors and promoting that sense of feeling "at home".

A modern thick font was chosen for the main headings, alongside a simple sans serif font for the body text. The body text is softened slightly by using a dark grey instead of black. Scroll reveal features will add a sense of modernity and sophistication.

a local cafe website design

Rural is a made-up company I created for the purposes of this exercise.

I really enjoyed putting this one together; I love food and I love cafe culture. Even though this was a practice exercise, it's one of my favourite things I've done.

Let me know what you think, and get in touch if you'd like to work together!


Laura x

All images sourced from UnsplashRaw Pixel, Tyler Nix, Izzie R, Nick Hillier, Tomas Jasovsky, Discover Serbia, Lidye Petit, and Sestrjevitovschii Ina.

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Creating a clean modern website for a local cafe
A modern website design for a local cafe

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