Before Publishing your Blog Post

11 Things to Do Before Publishing a Blog Post

Writing content is just the first step in publishing a new blog post. Here’s 11 important things to do before publishing your new post!

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be so good they can't ignore you

How to Create Authentic Content (without sounding like a hot mess)

When creating written content for social media, it’s important to sound “authentic”. With the rise of social media, traditional advertising has changed. Social media is awash with consumers, who no longer wish to receive a “hard-sell”. Instead, consumers demand an accessible brand that speaks to them in a conversational way they can relate to. Basically,…

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Laptop on a Desk

Is Your Website Annoying?

You have 15 seconds to convince users to stay on your website. Are you wasting them by being annoying? We look at 8 ways you can annoy your users online.

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