be so good they can't ignore you

How to Create Authentic Content (without sounding like a hot mess)

When creating written content for social media, it’s important to sound “authentic”. With the rise of social media, traditional advertising has changed. Social media is awash with consumers, who no longer wish to receive a “hard-sell”. Instead, consumers demand an accessible brand that speaks to them in a conversational way they can relate to. Basically,…

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how to create an engaging Instagram post

How to Create an Engaging Instagram Post

What makes a “good” Instagram? Whether you’re after more likes or more comments a little bit of thought and planning can help create more engaging posts!

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are engagement pods worth it?

What Are Engagement Pods and Are They Worth It?

In an attempt to beat the algorithm, a lot of small businesses turn to engagement pods to grow on social media. But are they worth it?

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