WordPress prelaunch checklist

8 Things To Do Before Launching your Site with WordPress

Before you hit that publish button on your shiny new WordPress site, there’s a handful of things you should do first to make sure you’re ready! Some are essential and some are less so, but definitely all highly recommended… Make sure you have a secure password! Websites are incredibly vulnerable to brute force attack, so…

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Get your WordPress Live, Fast

5 Steps to Go Live With Your WordPress Site

As a WordPress beginner, it can be pretty overwhelming trying to familiarise yourself with all the different options when you just want to get your site online now. If going live is your main priority, there’s very few things you actually have to do in WordPress for launch, and they’re all right here! If you…

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using google fonts

How to Use Google Fonts for Web and Print

Google Fonts are a lifesaver for anyone trying to build a brand identity on a budget. They can be embedded on your website or downloaded for local use on your computer when creating documents in Word, or Adobe Suite, or whatever your preferred document creator is. If you’re lucky with your website theme you’ll get…

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