A Complete Rebrand for My Business

October 16, 2019

I did it! After less than a year of operating as Lucent Connections, I decided to do a complete rebrand. A few months later, here we are as Laura F Creates.

While I will go into more detail about why I chose to make this move in a later post, I wanted to talk first about some of the styling choices I made.

During a brainstorming session I realised I wanted to move away from the corporate style of business. The whole concept of Lucent Connections felt very stiff and corporate to me, and it was never a message I intended to convey. We'll chalk this up to a fear of being myself, and being unsure about who I was even marketing to!

To be totally honest, a lot of the elements of this home page were thrown together as an afterthought. The four images for different blog post categories and the email sign up block were added well after launch - and I think it shows through inconsistent styling. The white space and icons just didn't feel like who I wanted to be online. And they no longer reflected the services I wanted to offer anyway.

For Laura F Creates, I wanted to cultivate a brand that was more feminine, creative and visually welcoming. I wanted my website visitors to feel as though they were in a comfortable space where they felt supported. I brainstormed keywords for how I wanted my business to feel and tried to bring them into the new design. Some the keywords I ended up with, included reliable, genuine, thoughtful, relaxed, modern and growth.

Modernity and growth, led me to the leaf motif found in my new logo, and is repeated throughout with the use of flowers, plants and leaves in my imagery. I showed myself around my house to convey a relaxed vibe, while also showing reliability and accessibility. The colours drew from nature and added a feminine touch.

Every page on this website was designed by me during the rebrand process for consistency and visual recognition. Most of the pages were also coded completely from scratch - no customised themes here! All in all, I'm incredibly happy with the result. Sometimes I just come back to my website to click around and admire how pretty it is!

Do you love how pretty your website is? Does it say what you want it to, about you and your brand? If not, get in touch with me about my website design and branding packages!

Laura x

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