Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Busy Womxn

November 25, 2019

This Christmas, (and all times of the year) I always encourage people to make more ethical and sustainable choices where they can. And so, since it's Christmas, I thought it pertinent to throw together a gift guide of all the best eco-friendly gift ideas for busy womxn!

AKA, just a list of things I want, if I'm being honest...

Peppermint magazine
  • Saint Belford 2020 Diary

Curation is more than just a diary; with spaces for mission planning, self-care, and habit tracking you’ll have your busy lifestyle under control in no time at all. Plus we get to tick the eco-friendly box with high-grade faux leather, and FSC certified wood-free paper in every one!

Check it out here

  • Seed & Sprout Smoothie Cup

Seed & Sprout have brought it this Christmas with a new range of sustainable, plastic-free goodies, pretty much all of which are perfect for busy people. My pick is this stainless steel smoothie cup, which is double walled to keep your smoothie cold all day (or my soy iced latte).

Get yours here

  • Raven + Lily Large Carryall

OK, I know this bag is a little on the expensive side, but I had to throw in an indulgent investment piece, because we deserve it, right? All of Raven + Lily’s stuff is carbon neutral, woman-made and fair trade; that’s like a trifecta of ethical production. This bag is large enough for a laptop, and can be carried like a handbag or crossbody and gosh it just looks nice as hell.

Check it out

  • Ever Eco Lunch box

Rushing between client meetings, it can be easy to make an unhealthy and probably plastic heavy choice for lunch (we’ve all been there). Get ahead of it with this stackable stainless steel lunch box by Ever Eco on my favourite website Flora and Fauna.

Find yours

  • Typoflora Weekly Pad

There’s plenty to love about Typoflora, especially if you’re a fan of beautiful botanical illustrations. This weekly pad is great for seeing what you’ve got planned at a glance and help manage to do list overwhelm. Have you big list somewhere else, and your daily list here to keep it manageable.

Get your Typoflora here

  • Lauren Aston Designs Knit Kit

One of my many business idols, Lauren has maybe single handedly made knitting cool again. Knitting can help reduce stress, can help with dementia symptoms, and gives you something to do which isn’t staring at a screen all day. Plus Lauren’s a vocal advocate for sustainable choices, and keeps a close eye on her supply chain to ensure she never works with companies that mules their sheep.

Find Lauren here

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  • Kim Wallace Takeaway cup

If you don’t know yet, your average takeaway coffee cup cannot be recycled. Get around the issue with this absolutely stunning ceramic reusable coffee cup, modeled after coffee house glass cups. Additionally, all of Kim’s ceramics are made locally on the Sunshine Coast using clays sourced from the Australian landscape. 

Get yours here

  • Peppermint subscription

Peppermint magazine is the perfect escape, packed full of style, sustainability and substance. It’s my personal favourite, and another great way to get your eyes off screens for a little while!

Subscribe here

  • A bunch from Just Cause

And finally, just a little treat yourself! Or, a thank you for a client of course. Each day, a bunch of flowers are curated and delivered the same day along with your personal message. And even better, all the profits from flowers sold by Just Cause go to causes that support the local community. A win-win!

Send a bunch here

Any great eco-friendly gift ideas I've missed? Let me know!

Laura x

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Eco friendly gift ideas for busy womxn
Sustainable gift ideas for busy entrepreneurs

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