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The period of time in between Christmas and New Year always has very strange energy, but I think even more so this year.

A New Year is always seen as a fresh slate; a new opportunity to right the wrongs of the year that was, and to dream big for the year that will be. Unfortunately, what the year that will be will bring is impossible to predict. Hello, 2020?

The thing about a New Year is that it’s a self-imposed marker. All of those fresh slates can come at any time, and the ticking over from one year to another doesn’t mean that all the bad (or all the good) just suddenly goes away.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t get to want more from the year that will be, or layout our intentions for it.

I just think, as individuals and as businesses, we can revisit that at any time.

All this waiting for the new year, or Monday or next month to make big exciting changes has never made sense to me. So while you are reflecting and planning now, in this strange energy time of a year that was full of strange energy, I encourage you to do the same thing again next month. Or next quarter, or in 6 months time.

Because there isn’t a time limit on getting to dream big, nor is there a deadline.

One thing I do like to do when welcoming in a New Year, is to choose a word that will be my guiding light for the choices I make, and that defines the energy I want to bring to my life.

In 2020 it was ‘Freedom’.

In 2021, I’ve chosen two: ‘Trust’ and ‘Visibility’.

As mentioned in my 2020 Year in Review, I spent a lot of money on courses and coaching and guidance, desperately searching for the secret sauce that would help me be “successful”.

Somewhere along the way though, I realised I needed to have more belief in my own ability. So much of what I paid for really just showed me how capable I already was.

So with that in mind, I’m trusting myself to move forward from this moment. I trust that I already have everything I need to be who I want to be, and help who I want to help.

That doesn’t mean I won’t be investing in myself next year; learning new things is one of my favourite thing to do, after all. But it does mean I will be more discerning about what I choose to learn and endeavour not to do it from a place of fear.

Laura sits in a park

And ‘Visibility’. Visibility is something I’ve needed and wanted in my business for years, but something I’ve increasingly shied away from. This is out of fear of being wrong, or not having all the answers, or just not being dynamic or engaging enough.

So I guess I’m moving forward from this moment with trust that I can do it. I can be more visible and I can get more eyes on my work because I am capable and I do know what I’m talking about.

And even if I don’t; even if there’s something I can’t answer, that’s not a reason not to try. Because this year has really shown us how much no one really has all the answers, right?

So what energy are you bringing into the New Year?

If you’re curious about the process for defining your word, I highly recommend Susannah Conway’s free mini e-course >

Until next time, be kind to yourself and create something remarkable!

Laura x 

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