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Welcome to Laura’s Letters

A fortnightly love letter from me to you, designed to be read over a cup of coffee.

Every second Tuesday, you will get a chatty letter from me in your inbox that will help you think a little differently about your digital presence. Learn how to lead your heart and values, and stand out from the crowd, without feeling overwhelmed by all the things traditional marketing methods tells us we “should” do.

Laura’s Letters contains advance content you won’t find on my blog or Instagram (at least not yet, anyway!)

Your fortnightly email contains:

  • Thoughtful essays on doing business differently, so you can make conscious decisions about how you show up online and stand out from the crowd
  • Chatty insights into my life and business so we can all feel less alone in this crazy digital world
  • Links to recent blog posts so you can catch up with me in your own time
  • 4 welcome emails that will allow me to introduce myself, and my style of marketing

Occasionally these Letters will remind you how you can work with me, offer discount codes to my product shop or include special offers, exclusive to Letters subscribers. You are welcome to opt out at any time!

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