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Creating your Magnetic Presence

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Tune in as I run through my impressions of a website, analysing it for functionality, accessibility and design. Understand the kinds of things I’m looking for in the website audits, and see what you can apply to your own website!

I share exactly what I’m looking for when I complete a website audit, from tracking the customer journey to making more inclusive and functional design choices that have helped my clients to increase enquiries and conversions while feeling more connected to and excited by their digital presence.

Magnetic Presence Website Audit

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What is Magnetic Presence?

Magnetic Presence is a tailored website audit that will show you what action you can take to get your website back on track, working and converting for you as it should, and showcasing how remarkable you are.

Do I need a website audit?

Magnetic Presence is for you, if:

  • You want an actionable plan for updating your out-of-date website while improving upon it’s design and functionality
  • You aren’t ready for a brand new website or full website redesign yet (if you are, check out Be Remarkable instead!)
  • You are ready to take real action on creating a magnetic website that is accessible and ethical (and converts too!)
  • You want to take the scary overwhelm out of your website updates!
  • You want your website to do the selling for you, so you can attract your dream clients and better serve the clients you already have

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