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Doing Business Differently

I believe in doing business in a different way – a way that is transparent and honest and rejects exploitation at every level. In the past, I haven’t always met my own expectations of myself as a businesswoman, and I am actively committing to doing better.

To that end, and moving forward, what follows is my manifesto as a person and a business owner. This includes the minimum standards I expect for myself and the people I work with, and what I believe in and hope for in the world.

I use gender-neutral forms of greeting for groups and for anyone who I have not confirmed the personal pronouns for.

I work with people of any and all identities as we work towards making the world a better place for the many, not the few.

I hold myself, my business and those I choose to work with to high standards of anti-racism, activism, inclusion and equality.

I believe we all have the capacity (and the responsibility!) to create remarkable things and leave a positive impact on the world behind us.

I believe women and all marginalised identities deserve to and should make money without apology.

I believe, as change-makers, it is our responsibility to do what we can (within our financial, physical, and social ability) to mitigate our environmental impact. This applies to both service-based and product-based businesses.

I believe in holding big corporations, and the unfathomably rich accountable for their actions. This includes transparency in the supply chain, paying living wages and actively rejecting forced labour, creating safe and fair working conditions, and mitigating their environmental impact.

I am dreaming of a world where equality and inclusion isn’t a radical concept, climate change isn’t debated, and wage and data bias gaps don’t exist.

I am here for more kindness in business and marketing, but not in the face of oppression.

Australian’s live and work on stolen land. Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.

My Promise to You:

  • When the time comes for me to hire a team, I will always source assistance from my community first, with a focus on marginalised identities. I will not simply seek the lowest price for a job, but the person in the best position to complete that job
  • When that time comes, my team will be contracted at a minimum living wage of $40/hr, which is currently twice the National Minimum Wage in Australia
  • I currently make monthly donations to One Girl, regardless of my income. Once my income has reached a point where my needs are met, I will donate an additional portion of my monthly revenue to rotating charities of choice
  • Once my monthly income needs have been met, I will make my services and expertise available to those who need it
  • I will always offer fair and accessible payment plans. Currently these come with a 3% transaction fee to help cover the additional costs of facilitating payment plans. This will be reduced to 0% once my income has stabilised
  • I vehemently oppose the exclusion and policing of other’s bodies, including but not limited to, female-identifying, trans, non-binary, fat, BIPOC, or disabled bodies
  • I oppose predatory and shaming marketing techniques that trigger fear, shame or exclusion
  • I oppose using money and beauty as a tool to signal authority
  • I oppose climate change shaming, where another’s efforts are ridiculed for being less than your own
  • I welcome criticism and correction where I have miss-stepped or overstepped
  • I oppose performative activism and will always take action to practice what I preach
  • I will not work with people, brands and companies whose values don’t align with the above
  • I will not work with people, brands and companies that aren’t actively taking steps to be inclusive and progressive, and don’t consider their environmental impact

Rules of Engagement

I reserve the right to review, approve and delete comments on my website and social media. Any comments that are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, ableist or derail the conversation in any way will be deleted. Any attempts to dismiss another’s lived experience will not be tolerated. Devil’s Advocates and Trolls will be blocked without warning.

My digital space, my rules.

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