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You know how birds like to collect shiny things to bring back to their nest for decoration in order to entice a mate?

Isn’t that kinda what we’re all doing with our marketing? Trying to look like the shiniest option for our potential customers and clients?

The problem is that there are so many shiny things out there that seem like exactly the perfect thing to attract people to our nest, that it sometimes feels like we’ll never just be done.

And you know, a small business owner’s work is never done, to be fair, but at some point, we have to stop trying to collect all the shiny things… because eventually, our nest is just going to be all things, with no good place to grow.

This is what I call “nesting bird-itis”. Nesting bird-itis is actually a symptom of comparisonitis, with a touch of imposter syndrome fever. It’s the idea that everyone around you is doing All The Things, doing launch after launch and booking out their calendar months in advance, so clearly, something you are doing is wrong, and something they are doing is the answer.

So in a desperate attempt to find the shiny thing that attracts the dream clients, we start adding thing after thing to the do list.

Is launching a podcast the answer? Maybe I should start a Facebook group! What if I start paying for Ads, or I start blogging twice a week? Is it time for me to start a membership? How about launching a product shop?

Don’t worry, I do it too. But developing a solid brand strategy that is clear, easy to follow and plays to your strengths, can help you stay in your lane – or keep your nest clear so you have room to grow.

You’re allowed to experiment and try new things in order to grow your business, but there’s a difference between that and throwing everything at a wall and seeing what sticks. I’m mixing metaphors now, but you get it.

Not only will this overwhelm you, but it could actually overwhelm your clients and customers as well, ultimately diluting your message and leaving them confused about how exactly they’re meant to work with you.

Do you suffer from nesting bird-itis?

If something seems like a shiny idea, write it down in the ‘For the Future’ project. I literally have a project on Asana called that, which I return to look over every few months and see if any of the shiny ideas, still seem so shiny.

Because a bit of distance and a bit of perspective can do wonders for keeping your nest spacious and easy to move around in.

Never just start something because it’s shiny. Give it space, give it time and give it thought. I promise you, if it’s the shiny idea for you, it’ll still be there when you get back!

Return to your brand strategy, put the blinders on, and grow strategically knowing you’re doing things your way, and at your own speed!

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Do you suffer from nesting bird-itis?
Do you suffer from nesting bird-itis?
Do you suffer from nesting bird-itis?

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