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Websites are not a set and forget type of thing. They’re something you have to nurture, maintain and update regularly, for a host of reasons.

An out of date website can have a significant impact on the trust factor you hold with your customers. Building trust is an essential part of converting customers; you’ve heard of the Know, Like, Trust factor right?

You can be doing all the work to get your customers to know you and to like you, but if your website is out of date or not functioning properly then you may be falling down when it comes to Trust.

More than that, design and aesthetic styles are constantly evolving; what was on trend a few years ago is so dated right now. You’re not still using a profile photo from 10 years ago when girl mullets were all the rage, right? (Yes, I had a mullet).

Businesses also evolve, and evolve quickly. I’m a prime example of that. In less than a year and a half, I went from a digital marketing agency that targeted corporate companies, to a website designer that targeted small businesses with a social conscience. The website I had then would far from serve my needs or my target audience’s needs now.

Your website should be evolving with you. As your branding and messaging evolves, so should your website.

Small business owners are very focussed on making sure their social media is updated and current, but don’t hold the same value for their website. Websites (and mailing lists) are the only thing you truly control; social media platforms come and go and can completely go out of vogue with almost no warning. Do you remember MySpace? What about Vine?

Your website is the central part of your digital marketing plan. Without it, your digital presence could disappear overnight.

My Services Page Before Redesign

Nurturing your website takes time and it takes effort, but it’s so important. Even something as simple as regularly testing contact forms and checking for broken links can transform the way your customers interact with and get in touch with you.

So when was the last time you even logged into your website? Is your contact form still working?

Ready for a website that’s up to date?

Gain clarity in your digital presence, be confident in your messaging and save time in your business, with website design that engages users and reflects who you truly are.
My Website Design package will give you a beautiful, functional website that allows you to feel confident in your brand and build a real connection with your audience.

Why your out of date website could be causing damage to your brand
An out of date website can cause more damage to your business than you think
Is your out of date website doing damage to your brand?

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