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The Bar Brisbane is a local community gym located on Brisbane’s northside, specialising in strength and conditioning. Jordan and I have been working together for a few years now to develop a distinct and consistent aesthetic style across the website, social media and print media for The Bar Brisbane.

But first, we started with the website! While Jordan wasn’t unhappy with his old website, he wanted to see what I could do to improve upon it.

I wanted to keep the focus on the local, community gym angle, highlighting the supportive, friendly nature of the coaches and the members. As a specialist gym, it had to be clear what kind of training happens at The Bar; though there is some cardio equipment, the gym is mostly full of strongman, powerlifting and Olympic lifting equipment.
The Bar Brisbane Home Page
Updating The Bar Brisbane's website started with creating a more intuitive navigation system, with a modern and strong aesthetic. Jordan also needed a place he could easily update with upcoming powerlifting competitions and to reveal results for one's past.

We also created individual pages for each resident coach that could be easily replicated as the team grew and evolved over time. All of this together created a user-friendly website that would continue to grow as the business did!
After I finished with The Bar Brisbane's website, I got to work on creating a uniform aesthetic across social media and print media that was reminiscent of the website without being repetitive and predictable.

This did mean introducing new fonts and broadening the colour palette, but this was a natural progression for the brand, as opposed to a random deviation from set brand guidelines.
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As this is a longer, ongoing relationship, Jordan and The Bar Brisbane enjoy a seamless integration of all elements of their brand from digital to print!

This means a consistent and recognisable aesthetic that feels fresh every time.
The Bar Brisbane Posters
Here's what they had to say...
"Working with Laura and her expertise in graphic design has been critical in The Bar Brisbane's social media presence in what is a very busy industry.

Her vision and capacity to do a variety of different work from physical posters to social media images is exceptional.

Laura did an excellent job redesigning my website.

I thought my site was pretty good to start off with, but the improvement has been unbelievable since she got her hands on it.

I hate to think how many people might have left my old site without enquiring! The new site looks so much more professional and I’ve definitely seen an increase in enquiries since the relaunch."

- Jordan Brown, The Bar Brisbane
I'll have what they're having
Bar Brisbane by Laura F Creates
Laura F Gosney
Hi, I'm Laura
During my 8+ year career in digital marketing working with soulful not-for-profit and innovative companies that are here to make a difference, I found a love of website design and everything that goes into it. Website design is that rare unicorn that lets me combine my creativity with my love of problem-solving, technology and good old-fashioned strategy.

Through my marketing background, I am well-placed to make strategic design choices for your website that not only look good but actually allow your website to function like marketing on automation. Imagine it; your little slice of online that tells your dream customers and clients exactly who you are, while guiding them on a journey that empowers them to make an informed decision about working with you.

I create websites that convert by adhering to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) meaning no website visitor is left behind and utilising tried and true digital marketing techniques. So your website will do the hard work for you, while you’re busy doing what you’re really good at – making the world a better place for your clients and customers.

For 5 years now, I’ve been creating beautiful, functional websites that showcase how remarkable my clients and their businesses truly are.

If you’re ready for an easy to use website that will grow and evolve as you do, that shouts about how remarkable you are to your like-minded community, get in touch.
I can’t wait to see what we create together.
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