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I’d love to get to know each other a little better, but I know why you’re not sure. You get a hundred emails every week, packed full of well-meaning advice for growing your digital presence, that it just becomes another thing to put on your to do list.

I don’t want to keep adding to your to do list, but I do want to keep you thinking about how you can create a more meaningful connection with your audience. I’ll show up once a fortnight for a casual little chat, and a tiny bit of wisdom!

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Laura’s Letters subscribers get lifetime access to every free resource I put together. I want to help you make thoughtful and purposeful decisions about your content and your website, and these resources will help set you on that path.

2020 Key Dates Calendar

I’ve created this key date calendar to help get your creative juices flowing the next time you’re stuck for content ideas. Use it for a bit of inspiration for what you should talk about next, from cheeseburgers and wine, to heart health and world poverty.

Create an Engaging Instagram Post

Is getting engagement on Instagram a bit of a mystery for you? Here we define the anatomy of an appealing Instagram post, before working through a checklist of things to consider before hitting publish.

Google Analytics for Beginners

I’m here to demystify Google Analytics for beginners. This guide will help you set up Google Analytics, and take you right through running basic reports and show you how to find out what content is and isn’t working for your website and your users.

Blogging Checklist

This is a fully interactive checklist you can move through every time you go to publish a new blog post. Never forget to add a featured image or a meta description again.

Convey Mood with Lightroom

Download this RAW format version of this photo to play around with in Lightroom. Familiarise yourself with the capabilities of Lightroom and the flexibility of shooting in RAW vs JPEG.

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I drop into your inbox every fortnight for an honest and open little chat. I don’t want to keep adding to your to do list, but I do want to keep you thinking about how you can create a more soulful connection with your audience.

Plus, you’ll get lifetime access to all my best freebies. It’s a win-win!

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