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Almost every time I launch a new website, it becomes the new favourite thing I’ve ever done. But I mean, who can blame me with this personality-packed, joyous website for Grace at Rhubarb Copy?

Rhubarb Copy Website Design

Grace is a copywriter working with tech startups in the SaaS (software as a service) field – a field notorious for recycling the same few catchphrases and stock images across brands, meaning no brand, in particular, is able to stand out. (And I feel like I can say that as someone who has worked in marketing for SaaS myself!)

It’s an important part of the work that Grace does for her clients that she helps them own their point of difference and infuse personality and humanity into their copy. She believes in human-first design and copy, with every action she takes based on the knowledge that there is a real, live human on the other side of the screen.

And look, I don’t know if there has ever been a closer alignment of my values with a client’s values! Grace and I both know there is important strategy that must go into any brand’s digital presence – but none of that means sacrificing personality or ignoring that little spark inside that helps brands in any industry stand out as the remarkable business they are.

So Rhubarb’s website would be no different. It was essential that Rhubarb would be a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” situation for Grace’s clients – personality-packed and not shy about it!

Rhubarb Copy Services Page Squarespace Design

Grace took the time and care to assemble a dream team for her new brand launch, which included illustrator and brand designer Steph Truong and photographer Merel Mollema. This gave me an amazing base to springboard off of, combining Grace’s amazing copy, Steph’s beautiful branding and illustrations and Merel’s gorgeous photography with strategic, functional and accessible website design.

Rhubarb’s website is built in Squarespace, a departure from my usual WordPress, which was a fun challenge for me. I am always up for learning new things and testing my abilities in new environments, and this was a super fun one at that!

To do some significant justice both to the amazing photography and the branding, I included a lot of overlapping elements. This also adds a lot of visual interest for the viewer, draws their attention to important parts and, of course, packs in that personality. I specifically focussed on choosing images of Grace that were high on the eye contact scale, to bring that really human element of the brand that was so important to Rhubarb’s position and business goals. And of course lots of images that showed off Grace’s personality!

Grace Baldwin copywriter

Alternating heading colours between the berry and the midnight was a deliberate choice so that the berry headings would stand out as important and draw the eye. The buttons follow a similar idea, with really important buttons being bold and eye-catching so the user knows what you want them to take action on!

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Grace, both thanks to the clear alignment of our vision and values, and the trust she placed in me to experiment and go bold while capturing her personality and goals for her business.

Here is what Grace had to say:

“I was expecting a new website, but Laura gave me a full-on glow up. I’m thrilled with the final product. Before working with Laura, I was using a Squarespace theme that I’d hacked together in an effort to make it look “different.” In reality, it just looked like a home-spun Squarespace site, and it didn’t match the level of professionalism I knew my business could bring.

Laura was able to take the ideas and brand elements I had and transform it into something beautiful. When she sent me the first mockups I was grinning from ear to ear for the rest of the day. And the end result is even better. I feel so much more confident after working with Laura, and feel ready to put my best foot forward online.”

Grace Baldwin

Rhubarb Copy

Rhubarb Copy

Are you ready for your own personality-packed slice of online that will have you grinning from ear to ear? Feel confident in your digital presence, with a unique, strategic and beautiful website that helps you put your best foot forward. Attract like-minded clients and convert them with ease, knowing your website reflects who you truly are!

Get in touch now to talk about my signature website design package, Be Remarkable!

Until next time, be kind to yourself!

Laura x

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Personality-packed Squarespace Design for a Copywriter
Personality-packed Squarespace design for a Copywriter
A Soothing Modern Website for a Holistic Dental Clinic
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