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Want more confidence on Instagram Stories?

Introducing the 7 Day IG Stories Challenge: In just 7 days, you’ll have more confidence in your ability to show up consistently on Instagram Stories, and build lasting, meaningful relationships with your target audience.

And it’s only $12 AUD

Instagram Stories Challenge

Does the idea of putting your face on camera on Instagram Stories feel a little bit scary? Do you avoid being the face of your brand because you’re afraid of what people might say?

I get it; putting yourself out there and taking up space is scary! But you can do it, and you can do it with confidence. It just takes a little practice!

More than just 7 days of IG Stories prompts, this workbook also dives deep into your fears around showing up, and helps you develop content ideas specifically for Stories.

Build relationships with confidence, fill your DM’s with replies and conversations, and sell directly without feeling gross about it, all in just 7 days.

Your Content, Your Way

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