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My lovely friend Lorelei recently launched her business Social WeaverΒ and I was very honoured to be asked to work on her homepage for her. After work with another designer fell through, Lorelei also asked me to make some patterns for her and design some business cards as well as the homepage.

Working with Lorelei was a pleasure; she was clear about what she wanted but also open to artistic interpretation, and trusted me to deliver on her vision. On a tight deadline, we managed to get it done, and I think the results are pretty amazing!

Social Weaver has a challenging colour palette, that is brighter and more varied than I’m used to. But I love a challenge!

All 6 colours can be seen in the patterns above. These patterns were created by me for use on the website, and across Social Weaver’s branding. If you stick with Social Weaver’s story, you’ll see them pop up on social media, on the business cards and in proposal documents!

By creating patterns like these, I was able to ensure that Social Weaver’s branding stays consistent, while preventing the strong colour palette from becoming overwhelming.

I presented three different business card designs to Lorelei for Social Weaver, and she selected one of them which was then triplicated in the other brand patterns for a fun mix of cards.

Again, all three of these designs incorporate the colour palette in a way that is fun and eye catching, but not overwhelming to the casual viewer.

Please note, the logo and the three birds were not designed by me!

And so we come to the homepage. This was so much fun to create! Lorelei was after a fun and colourful vibe for Social Weaver, that was professional but not too serious. This is actually where Social Weaver’s colour palette is straight up perfect.

I chose the pink as the “hero” colour and worked the other colours in throughout the page with plenty of white space for maximum impact.

The tagline “telling your story through…” actually cycles through three words, Copywriting, Social Media Management and SEO, using custom CSS code.

I love the way the patterns tie everything together, and provide a familiar reference point for Social Weaver’s customers. This kind of strong branding truly tells a story and is instantly recognisable across platforms and offline.

Social Weaver is truly one of a kind!

It’s an amazing thing to find someone like Laura who just gets what your brand needs and delivers every time. We came to Laura with big hopes and unrealistic deadlines when work with another designer fell through. Laura didn’t just meet our tight deadlines – she absolutely nailed each brief. Her experience in marketing and love for branding and design shone through in everything she did. From the design and development of our website, to the design of our business cards and other marketing collateral, Laura delivered projects that brought our brand to life.


Director, Social Weaver

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Designing for Social Weaver was somewhat of a challenge, but working with a client like Lorelei who knows what she wants when she sees it, is a designer’s dream. From start to finish, this whole project felt less like work and more like a fun project with a good friend!

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