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Collagenius Australia is the newest name in Australian collagen supplements, founded by Julia Shanahan in sunny Meanjin, Brisbane, Australia.

Collagenius is an Australian-made, sustainability focussed brand, selling delicious collagen shots and flavourless collagen powder for on-the-go healthy choices. This project included brand identity, brand messaging, content strategy, copywriting, and website design, for a full brand experience.
Since this was a new brand, Julia and I did a lot of work together laying the groundwork for a solid marketing plan that will take Collagenius from start-up through to powerhouse. This meant figuring out all the basics from the target audience through to the mission statement and brand voice.

The core of the resultant brand strategy was focussed on helping active Australian’s find everyday self-care moments on the go. In fact, that became both the mission statement and their one true marketing message – a core part of their messaging they could return to time and again.

Since Collagenius is the first product of its kind made in Australia, and from at least 95% Australian ingredients, we decided to lean hard into the Australian theme. Australian vibes and vistas would feature heavily in the aesthetics, on Instagram and even in the language and brand voice.
Collagenius Australia by Laura F Creates
Thanks to the Aussie vibe, we chose a nice natural green vibe for the colour palette that will weave in well with the Aussie nature aesthetic. As a bridge between the luxe vibe these kinds of brands usually aim towards, and the open and honest humour vibe, I paired a bolder serif font with a fun, round sans serif font for the header and body combo.

And the crowning glory? A beautiful, functional website that highlighted everything we’ve already talked about. Aussie aesthetics, nature scenes, calm and welcoming vibes, and the sense that you’re just hanging out with a mate. I deliberately kept the layout simple for all of these reasons, and also just to make it easier to expand and grow the Collagenius line further down the line, as Julia plans to do. As always, easy of use was the name of the game, without sacrificing functionality or beauty.
Here's what they had to say...
I loved working with Laura! She took the time to explain the whole process from A to Z which meant a lot to me because I was going in having no experience in marketing or web design. She made me feel so much more comfortable having her create the website from scratch. Laura made me feel inspired and allowed me to be my complete self with no judgement. She provided support the whole time throughout the process and I feel like she is on my team! She did custom designs which are just amazing and I have had so many people comment and ask me who designed the website and I tell them to come straight to Laura.

I am so proud of the web content Laura created and I love the website. Both products have multiple sections easy for customers to navigate and find all the relevant information. It has captured the look and feel I imagined. Laura did a fabulous job and I am so happy with the brand voice that comes through. I would highly recommend Laura to any business for marketing and website design. I will definitely be coming to her as soon as the business grows enough to need more design services, which I hope isn’t too far away!

- Julia Shanahan, Collagenius Australia
Website design for wellness brand

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