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Neutral is a family-owned furniture store that stands out in the market for its price and authenticity. Neutral sells modern furniture to trendy adults in their 30s with full-time jobs. Neutral's customers have the income to invest in key statement pieces, coupled with more versatile furniture staples. Their customers value their eclectic and contemporary style!

Neutral is a fictional company created for a bit of fun! This project includes naming, logo design, brand design and website design based on essential Shopify features.
neutral on social media
Neutral's brand embraces mid-modern aesthetics, with a modern twist. The colours and typography were specially chosen for their fun vibe and versatility. The different colours work well together, but also stand strong on their own, with different combinations working well to complement the products (without overwhelming them).

The brand is designed to be playful, cheeky and a little eclectic, but still with a sophisticated presence. The curvy 'e' motif pattern provides a strong brand reference that guarantees recognition across platforms!

The playful vibe, however, is best seen in the logo, with the rolling in 'e', and the matching curved ascenders in the 'n', 't' and 'l'.
Neutral Poster Design
Neutral Stickers
Neutral also needed a website, which would be built on Shopify. The website would act as an extension of the in-store shopping experience and needed to be simple and easy to navigate! Thanks to the flexibility of Shopify 2.0, this design features repeatable elements that can be used again throughout the website as Neutral continues to grow.

See the full interactive mockup (hint: click around as you would with a full website, and enjoy the custom hover effects!)
Shopify Website Design

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