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Ocean Forest Farm is a Sunshine Coast-based premium raw dog food manufacturer, founded in 2015.

Acquired in late 2021, Ocean Forest Farm offers 100% natural raw dog food. The raw dog food market is a rapidly growing market in Australia, though still unregulated. Ocean Forest Farm’s answer to this is engaging a nutritionist to formulate human-grade dog food that is Safe Foods accredited.

In addition to meeting internationally recognised standards, Ocean Forest Farm stands out in the market by landing on the cheaper end of the raw food category. Ocean Forest Farm is also locally sourced from the Sunshine Coast, with the local farmer’s market vibe, sourcing high-quality, human-grade ingredients.

Ocean Forest Farm is perfect for health-conscious animal lovers who want their dog’s diet to mirror their own for quality.

Ocean Forest Farm's custom created logo suite features a modern sans serif logotype with subtle customisations to make it uniquely functional, without being overly complicated. The slight curve to the ‘E’ and ‘A’ reflect the waves of the ocean, the curves of the forest leaves, and the lift of the hills and mountains of the Sunshine Coast.

A custom silhouettic drawing of a healthy and alert dog immediately calls to the mind the distinct benefits of natural and raw feeding. Additional text in each variation highlight the history of Ocean Forest Farm and it’s local advantage.

The stamp logo is by far the favourite, bringing in a distinct vintage feel, functioning perfectly as a seal, a stamp and a sticker.

Alongside the primary colour palette, to ensure distinct and easily recognisable product labels, a product colour palette was also introduced. This palette has assigned different complementary colours to each product variation, to help easy shelf recognition and to encourage colour association with a dog's favourite recipe: "Oh yes, Milo loved the green one!". This colour palette is distinct from the primary palette but is still tonally similar and clearly part of the same brand.

The labels also brought in the rustic feel the rest of the brand embodies with the custom silhouetted illustrations of the primary protein in each recipe. These illustrations were then used throughout the website in the background as a subtle accent. This helps to drive brand and product recognition from the label through to the website!

The existing website had some key user journey experience issues that were identified during the UX strategy phase of the project. The primary issue was, of course, that customers couldn't check out with their products, or subscribe for a regular delivery. We also identified two key education areas we would need to address:

  • why choose raw food over other types of dog food
  • how much raw food their dog needs

The checkout and subscription issues were solved with the move to Shopify and the creation of specific product pages, highlighting the different purchasing options. The product page was designed with important information about subscriptions and a link to a feeding guide to appear above the fold. Collapsible rows for additional information like ingredients, nutrition and storage keeps the page short and focussed on the checkout process, while allowing customers to find key information as they need it.

As a support to the product page, the home page needed to do more to drive customers through the website. The new design introduced a large collection list that allowed users to scroll through for a snapshot of each recipe, jump down to their favourite using anchors, or click through to learn more about the product. The home page also prioritised information about the health benefits of raw feeding, and drove customers through the learning journey that would eventually allow them to make an informed decision about raw feeding.

The new design also made sure there were no "dead ends" - a common problem in e-commerce and DIY designs, where the user journey abruptly ends with no call to action to bring them back to the primary goal.

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